Foundation Swiss Centers

Non-profit foundation according to the Swiss Civil Code under the supervision of the Swiss Government.

The Foundation Swiss Centers offers to Swiss companies the opportunity to participate to foreign markets, to promote their technology and know-how, to organize shows and presentations and to propose pro-active solutions through market studies, researches and site implementation analysis, legal and administrative assistance and counsel, help in negotiation, counsel in industrial incubation, management of privileged information, and, last but not least, the opportunity to rent industrial sites, show-rooms and offices.

It is a non-profit foundation according to the Swiss Civil Code under the supervision of the Swiss Government.

Foundation Council

Dr. Heinrich Berger
EMBA Rochester- Bern, Clariant International Ltd, Group Procurement Services, Head of Global Direct Spend. Holder of several management positions in the Chemical Industry. Used the Swiss Center Shanghai to build up company in Shanghai successfully. More then 10 years intensive business experiences with China.

Dominique Lauener
Chairman – Kif Parechoc CEO – Vice President of Acrotec holding, Vice President of the AIP (Association Industrielle et Patronalle), Member of various Board of Directors.

Jan Kubes
Director of the MBA International Consulting Projects at IMD, particularly interested in strategy definition and implementation, organization design and human resources management – 30 years experience in business and industry consulting (notably as a partner of McKinsey & Co.).

Dr. Thomas Staehelin
Senior Partner of FROMER Law Offices, Chairman of the Swiss Association of Privately Held Companies, Chairman of the Basel Chamber of Commerce, Member of various Boards of Directors.

Dr. Andreas Wyder
International leadership experience across four continents having held senior finance and strategic roles in both developed and emerging markets; e.g. CFO China among others.

Nicolas Musy
Physics Engineer, EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) – Senior Consultant and founder of CH-ina (Shanghai) Co. Ltd – Project Manager and co-owner of the first industrial Swiss SME in China – 25 years experience in trade, investment and consulting with China and over 20 years residency in the Shanghai region.

Yang Yuming