Swiss Center Tianjin at Wuqing High Tech Park

Wuqing Development Area

Wuqing Development Area enjoys unique geographical advantage and has been called “Corridor of Beijing and Tianjin”. This strategic position enables successful business operations for Swiss enterprises.

In Wuqing, companies can purchase land to build a new factory with 50-year use right, or lease the tailor-made factories according to the requirements of investors. There are in total 20000 sqm standard energy-efficient manufacturing space available. Along with first-class infrastructures as well as the efficient administrative environment, Swiss Center in Wuqing Development Area offers Swiss SMEs tailor-made services. Now 4000 sqm has been divided into workshop spaces to better accommodate the needs of Swiss enterprises


Wuqing shares the border with Great Beijing Area. It is between Beijng and Tianjin, adjacent to Beijing at north and to Hebei Province at west and northeast. Located on East Development Belt of the greater Beijing urban space development strategic planning “Two Axis and Two Belts”, and together with Tianjin Binhai New Area on Tianjin-Binhai Integrated Development Axle, Wuqing has great potential for development.

Wuqing possesses convenient and fast modern transport system. Within the district there are 5 expressways: Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu, Beijing-Tianjin, Beijing-Shanghai, Tianjin-Baoding and Tianjin-Ji County; 12 expressway entrances and exits; Beijing-Tianjin Intercity Railway and one intermediate stop from which you can arrive in Beijing in 19 minutes and Tianjin in 10 minutes; Beijing-Shanhaiguan Railway, Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Tianjin-Ji County Railway, and 7 passenger and freight stations. In recent years, based on state-level expressways and railways, Wuqing has realized the “nine vertical and nine horizontal roads” network construction with density of roads up to 135 km/100 km2. Within 15 minutes of drive in any village or street, you can find expressway entrance and arrive in Beijing or Tianjin in half an hour.

  • 90 km to Capital International Airport
  • 50 km to Nanyuan Airport
  • 13km to Urban Tian
  • 71km to Tianjing Port
  • 35 km to Tianjing Binhai International Airport
Human Resource

Wuqing Development Area is a mainly manufacturing-driven area characterized by labor-intensive industries. There is abundant migrant workforce coming from neighboring provinces, much cheaper than local labor force.