2023 - Aug 16, 2023

China Market Access Manager of Swiss Centers meet Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai

Meetings between #Shanghai and #Neuchâtel

On 15th August, it was the turn of our China Market Access Manager Romain Barrabas to meet Sacha Bachmann, Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai. It was an opportunity not only to continue the exchange initiated by our CEO Zhen Xiao, but also to explain in more precise terms the work we do in Switzerland.

🤝It also enabled us to detail the partnership we’ve been maintaining since 2016 with the economic promotion department of the canton of Neuchâtel (Neuchâtel Economie), headed by Matthieu Aubert, as well as the collaboration initiated in 2020 with Microcity – Neuchâtel Innovation, managed by Jean-Marc Brunner PhD.

The Consulate General, headed by Sacha Bachmann, has undoubtedly been one of Swiss Centers’ most strategic partners since our foundation 23 years ago.