2017 - Aug 14, 2017

Growing to be stronger: Pagani Pens SA Stems from the Merger of Premec and Prodir SA

Lamone – Cadempino (CH), 5 July 2017

On 26 June 2017, the merger of Premec SA into Prodir SA became official, pursuant to the Federal Law of 3.10.2003 on the merger, division, transformation and transfer of capital. This marks an important step in the growth of Premec and Prodir.

Premec and Prodir belong to a Group that is already a world leader in the production of writing tools. This merger aims to strengthen the Group’s presence in the components market and in the promotional and retail sectors, combining the strengths of Premec and Prodir to create Pagani Pens SA. This choice is motivated by the desire to consolidate the values of Premec and Prodir, capitalising on the know-how and experience acquired in over 50 years of R&D and Production: skills, integration and commitment for continuity. It is also motivated by the need to deal with a dynamic, increasingly demanding market with the best possible structure – to offer a wide-ranging brand and product portfolio that can meet various market needs.

With this merger through incorporation, the collaboration between Premec and Prodir, which has enabled the group to stand out on the market in recent years, will become even more close-knit. The goal is to offer even more competitive, high-performing products and services.

Pagani Pens SA will embrace the core values of Premec and Prodir, expressing the entrepreneurial skills that have characterised the Pagani Family ever since the Company was first established. Giving life to a global company in the sector. Increasingly closer to constantly evolving needs, with the ability to confirm service and  partnership continuity, which have always been the core of the entrepreneurial mission of Premec and Prodir.

The Premec and Prodir brands will maintain their identities, built over the years and well-known on the market. Commercial, service and marketing policies will remain separate with the aim to ensure continuity in terms of brand positioning on the market and relations with single trading partners.

The buzzwords of this step will be Synergy, Efficiency and Quality – for shared, profitable growth for all distribution chain operators.

“Writing styles and gestures – say the founder Giorgio Pagani – are absolutely individual and personal. We all know how very different languages spoken in the world are. But few people are actually aware of how different writing methods and styles are for each individual. Not only does each culture have its own writing style, but we all express ourselves, our personality and our history through writing. Well aware of all this, our group has always promised to make writing easier and we hope this merger will be a further, important step forward in our history.”