2017 - Feb 22, 2017

How can your company benefit from the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone?

In 2016, the Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone (PFTZ) was nominated by the Financial Times as the best free trade zone in Asia, and the runner-up best zone worldwide. Big name investors have flocked to the zone to establish their presence – Total, Panasonic, HP, Swatch Group, to name but a few. With proximity to the world’s largest port, Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone (FTZ) offers investors the opportunity to export and import their goods with a preferential tariff system and reduced red tape.

The Swiss Center Shanghai is delighted to invite you to the Seminar “How your company can benefit from the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone?”, launched in cooperation with SwissCham Shanghai.

The one-day seminar is designed to share first-hand practical insights from government agencies and companies already established in the PFTZ, to inform how being in the FTZ can concretely benefit your business. We have invited officials from the International Machinery and Trade Center and the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone Administration to introduce the participants to the different functions of the PFTZ, and speakers from the Swiss and German manufacturing giants Georg Fischer Machining Solutions and Zeiss to share their day-to-day experience and unique expertise.

Photos from the event

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Language: English & Chinese

When: Thursday March 16th, 2017

Time: 9:00-16:30

City: Shanghai

Location: Swiss Center Shanghai, Waigaoqiao Pilot Free Trade Zone

Pick-up available: Bus transfer from downtown Shanghai, location TBC

Member price: 480 RMB

Non-Member price: 680 RMB



7:45:  Bus departure from city center
8:45-9:20:  Registration at the SCS, 3rd Floor
9:20-9:30:  Welcome word from SCS
9:30–10:00:  Presentation by Yu Yong, Xin Min Development
10:00–10:30:  Presentation by Ren Wen Lei, WBLZ
10:30-10:45:   Coffee Break
11:00–11:15:  Visit GFMS showroom
11:15–11:45:    Presentation by Johnson Chen, GFMS
12:00-13:15:     Lunch time
13:15-13:45:    Presentation by Sam Qi, IMT
13:45-14:15:    Q&A session
14:30–14:45:   Visit Zeiss workshop & application center
14:45 – 15:30: Presentation by Maximilian Foerst & Frank Xie, Zeiss
15:45:     Bus departure


Thursday 16th – Morning session

1st presentation by Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone Xin Development Group  (Government agency)

Speaker: Yu Yong, General Manager
Topic: Introduction of trade and logistics platform in the Pilot Free Trade Zone

2nd  presentation by WBLZ

Ren Wen Lei: Vice General Manager

Topic: International Procurement & Logistics (consolidation centre)

 任总照片Ren Wenlei, Vice General Manager, WBLZ Ms. Ren held the positions of Vice General Manager at Waigaoqiao Ports Administration, Manager at Trade Services and Marketing departments of Waigaoqiao Logistics Center, and Vice General Manager at Waigaoqiao North-West Logistics Limited. Ms. Ren was involved in the planning, operation and management of the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone and Shanghai North-West Logistics Zone, as part of the 11th Shanghai Five-Year-Plan. With rich experience in development, policy and project management of industrial parks, Ms. Ren is now responsible for investment promotion, operation and client services at Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone, one of the 4 functional zones in Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.


3rd presentation by GF Machining Solutions

   Johnson ChenJohnson Chen, Head of Market Region China Johnson Chen started a job in a state-owned machine tool company in 1980s. In the 1990s, He set up a sales representative office in Shanghai for GF Machining Solutions. He then took on two jobs as company managers in a German and US companies in 2000s, and came back to GF in 2010s as head of East China. He was promoted to Head of Sales and Marketing for China since April of 2015. Johnson Chen holds an EMBA from HEC Paris.

GF Machining Solutions is the leading machine tool supplier in the Mold Industry and Precision Machining Industry.


Thursday 16th- – Afternoon session

4rd presentation by the International Machine Tools Center (Government agency)

Speaker: Sam Qi, Logistics Manager

Relevant Functions of IMT: Fast clearance system for spare-parts; temporary import clearance forshort-term display or international exhibition; showroom; bonded warehouse.

 samSam Qi, Logistics Manager at IMT Sam Qi is Logistics Manager at Shanghai International Machine Tools Center.

He has worked in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone for over ten years and has rich experience in importing and exporting, warehousing and all kinds of logistics operations.

5rd presentation by ZEISS

Max FoerstMaximilian Foerst, President & CEO of Carl Zeiss China Maximilian Foerst is the President & CEO of Carl Zeiss Far East Co. Ltd (Hong Kong) & Carl Zeiss China (Shanghai) where he is responsible for the Medical, Microscopy and Industrial Metrology Groups for Sales, Service & Manufacturing as well as the Corporate Innovation & R&D Center. He also oversees the Vision sales activities in the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets.

Mr. Foerst has been working for Carl Zeiss since 1995. Prior to his current position, he was Representative Director of Carl Zeiss Korea (2007-2009). He was also President of the French subsidiary Carl Zeiss SAS from 2001 to 2006. He started his career at Carl Zeiss in Product Management for the Medical Division.

Mr. Foerst was born in Hythe, United Kingdom in 1968. He graduated with a MBA degree from the University of Georgia, USA, in 1993. He also holds a Diplom Kaufmann degree in Marketing and Production from the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen/ Nuernberg, Germany.


Frank XieFrank Xie, COO and Member of the Board at Carl Zeiss China Frank Xie is the COO of Carl Zeiss China where he is responsible for manufacturing sites in China of Medical, Microscopy, Industrial Metrology Groups and the share production units for ZEISS. He also oversees the purchasing and quality management function in China.

Mr. Xie has been working for Carl Zeiss since 2011. He started his career at Carl Zeiss as the General Manager of Carl Zeiss Suzhou, one of Zeiss’s manufacturing facilities for Microscopy and Medical products.

Mr. Xie was born in Shanghai, China in 1970. He graduated with a bachelor degree of mechanical engineering from Shanghai University of Science and Technology in 1991. He also got his EMBA from West Coast University. He has worked with multinational companies for more than 20 years, and has rich experience in manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, quality, product transfer, and domestic company setup.


To reserve a seat, send an email with your full name, job title and name of your company to sophie.wang@swisscenters.org before Monday 13th March 2017.

Seating is limited. Swiss Center Shanghai reserves the right regarding the final decision on each registration request.