2021 - Aug 23, 2021

La Distillerie Louis Morand à la conquête du marché chinois

“Ses ventes à l’étranger en berne, la distillerie valaisanne veut tâter de nouveaux débouchés, et s’apprête à participer à la plus grande foire d’import de Chine.” Click here to know more about the article in French.

By Pascal Guex and published on August 23, 2021 in Le Nouvelliste

With its foreign sales at half-mast, the Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA, based in Martigny in the Alpine canton of Valais, wants to try new markets and is preparing to participate, with the support of the Swiss Centers, in the 4th edition of the China International Import Expo (CIIE) which will be held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai.

It will be one of the 20 iconic Swiss brands that will be present on the Swiss Centers’ stand, the Swiss Cluster Booth, with a record surface area of 234㎡.

“China, with its 1.4 billion inhabitants, an ever-increasing upper middle class eager to open up, but also an ancestral culture of strong spirits thanks to baiju (brandies obtained by distilling grain wine), among other things, can help Morand make a name for itself in Asia.” Romain Barrabas, who is in charge of relations for the Swiss Centeras, after having worked at the Chinese Embassy from 2017 to 2021 as deputy head for its culture and media section, is behind this Valais participation in the CIIE.