2017 - Feb 06, 2017

Pharma strong, watches weak: Swiss exports to China remain on high level

Shanghai (31 January 2017)  Swiss exports to China (including Hong Kong) remain on a high level: According to recent figures of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration, Switzerland exported goods in the value of 14.69 billion Swiss Francs to the Middle Kingdom in 2016. This number is almost identical with the exports achieved a year earlier, 14.67 billion Swiss francs. Switzerland is one of the very few countries that do not export natural resources and enjoy a positive trade balance with China including Hong Kong. The surplus amounts to 1.3 billion Swiss francs, explains Nicolas Musy, Founder and Delegate of the Board of Swiss Centers in China, a non-profit organiation that lowers the market entry barriers of Swiss companies into Asia. Swiss know-how and high quality products are increasingly important for quickly growing sectors of the Chinese economy, such as advanced manufacturing, pharma and medical devices as well as high and sustainable technologies, emphasies Mr. Musy.

Worldwide Swiss exports gained 3.8% in 2016, with Germany (39.7 bio CHF, +8.3%) and the United States (31.4 bio CHF, + 14.6%) remaining the biggest markets for Swiss goods. China (including Hong Kong, 14.69 bio CHF) continues to be the third biggest market, followed by France (14 bio CHF, +0.8%) and Italy (12.7 bio CHF, -0.9%).

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