2016 - Nov 17, 2016

SKU Advanced Management Programme Delegation visits Swiss Center Shanghai, 20th October

On 20th October, we had the pleasure of welcoming the SKU Advance Management Program delegation at the Machinery, Trading and Business Center, Swiss Center Shanghai.

The SKU Advanced Management Program is a top executive education program targeted at senior managers of Swiss companies. Each year, the program has a Shanghai module lasting 5 days. In the last day of the program this year, a delegation of 36 executives from leading organizations in the Swiss financial services, retails, logistics, industrials sectors attended the visit.

The delegation program consisted of presentations by Swiss Centers China General Manager Aline Ballaman (Swiss Centers China, “Hands on” platform for Swiss SMEs), SCC founder Nicolas Musy (Swiss SMEs in China: Small but powerful), Swiss Center Shanghai trade specialist Vanessa Xu (How to optimize your trade with China?), and managers from Swiss Center Shanghai members Starrag and Alpvision.

CCTV-Français (China Central Television French-language channel) covered the delegation program with an exclusive interview with Swiss Centers China founder Nicolas Musy.



CCTV Français crew with Swiss Center Shanghai team and founder Nicolas Musy. The program is expected to go on air January 2017.

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SCS thanks GIG (Global Infusion Group), the catering, logistics and brand support company for their collaboration and support


Swiss Centers China founder Nicolas Musy wih SKU program director Ruth Riess

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Standing lunch – networking time


Aline Ballaman, Swiss Centers China, “Hands on” platform for Swiss SMEs

presentation p1170907  Nicolas Musy, Swiss SMEs in China: Small but powerful


Founded in 2000, SCC is a non-profit organization supporting Swiss companies in business set-up, expansion and operations in China with industrial and office facilities in Shanghai, Tianjin and Beijing. SCC not only offers instant customized workshop, showroom, warehouse, and office space, but also supports its members with government relations and a comprehensive network of experts. Together with its service partners, SCC has served more than 300 companies in China – SMEs and large enterprises alike. SCC is one of the largest cluster of Swiss companies in Asia, with 30 Swiss companies in one industrial park (SHXIP).

Since 2014, Swiss Center has operated the Machinery, Trading and Business Center in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone where 4000sqm is dedicated to Swiss businesses. Within two years, 18 Swiss companies have established themselves in the center.

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