2021 - Nov 15, 2021

Swiss Centers: CIIE will help Swiss SMEs expand their brand awareness in China

The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) came to a successful conclusion on November 10. As one of the official main exhibition organizations of CIIE for four consecutive years, the Swiss Centers has played a bridge role for Swiss SMEs to enter the Chinese market. Zhen XIAO, the CEO of Swiss Centers, was interviewed by CRI reporters recently. Mr. Xiao said that the smooth opening of the 4th CIIE against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic is a great thing in itself and a very symbolic event for China to remain open to business partners from all over the world. Despite the impact of COVID-19, this year’s Swiss Centers Cluster booth is the largest ever in terms of size and area of participation. In the food and beverage area, we have a 234 square meters of cluster booth, and there are 26 participating (Swiss) enterprises, a total of 35 (Swiss) brands, which is the largest scale compared with the previous years. Most of the companies that have been invited to CIIE through the Swiss Centers have also maintained a continuous participation status, and many of them are expanding their exhibition area.”

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Swiss exhibitors said CIIE will help more Swiss companies to open up the Chinese market

CCTV news: The 4th CIIE attracted more than 60 Swiss companies and brands, including those that have established roots in China and those that have made their debut in Chinese market for first time. The head of Swiss Distillery Morand, which made its debut, said the CIIE opened the door for enterprises to enter the Chinese market.

Yves Kübler, a Swiss absinthe maker, told Xinhua News Agency in Neuchatel, Switzerland, that he hopes the CIIE will help him understand Chinese consumers’ acceptance of absinthe, so as to open the door to the Chinese market.