Order of Masks
The Background

Since late March, the Swiss Centers Foundation and its team in China have been engaged as part of the task force to acquire the urgently needed medical equipment in Switzerland for the fight against COVID-19.

We have already confirmed orders of 15 million masks, 3 million protective gloves and medical equipment in emergency rooms. Three chartered Swiss flights have already shipped the urgently needed goods directly from Shanghai to Switzerland, on April 12th, April 21st and May 5th respectively.

We have evaluated and qualified a list of suppliers, with the support of SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) who do inspection and test on the product qualities. And we are continuing our efforts to have trustworthy quality suppliers that can deliver in reasonable lead time.

To understand more on the current situation of the challenges in acquiring medical supplies, please read the published article in French on Économie 17En Chine, le commerce des masques est sauvage.


Now accepting order from companies

Thanks to the qualified manufacturers and a functioning supply chain, we are opening this channel to companies and institutions that also need to protect their employees and/or customers.

As you probably have known, the market is becoming crazily volatile, with daily increase of the price, the shortage of material supply, and uncertainty of delivery dates. Furthermore, the Chinese custom releases new policies also overnights, with the good intention to control qualities of export product, however creating further hurdles in the process and price volatility in logistics.

We are doing our best to cope with challenges in this situation, and offer the best quality-price product and reasonable delivery time. The price we quote here reflect the latest market information from our suppliers and are frequently updated.


What is the quotation?

At this moment, we can only give you an estimated quotation as below.

  • Mask type II : 0.48 CHF, plus VAT
  • Mask type IIR : 0.55 CHF, plus VAT
  • Mask FFP2/KN95 : 3 CHF, plus VAT

For differences between mask types, please check out the mask datasheet.


How long is the delivery?

The delivery time is approximately around 3 to 4 weeks.

Order of large quantities (more than 0.5 mio) will be given a customized offer on quotation and delivery time.


How does our service work ?
  1. You need to fill in all the information below in order to make your order.
  2. Shortly after your order is done, we will send you an email with an invoice of the exact price that you will have to pay as soon as possible. The suppliers will only confirm the order upon receiving the full payment, so your prompt payment will enable us to secure the orders.
  3. Once your payment is received, we will send you a confirmation of order with an approximate date of delivery.
  4. You will be updated on the process, and being informed on the confirmed delivery date once the goods boarded the plane.
  5. Finally, you will receive your products on the confirmed delivery date.


Should there be any questions or other requests, kindly contact louis.vermeil@swisscenters.org.

In case you don’t see the form below, please download the fillable PDF here and send back to  louis.vermeil@swisscenters.org.