a. Success with SCS

Swiss Center Shanghai offers a unique platform to facilitate your entry onto the Chinese and Asian markets and support your operations to ensure success.

Adequate offices and workshop space combined with a reliable network of China-based experts offer you the safety of a step-by-step approach and the assurance of an integrated, one-stop market entry implementation.

Check References for details on successful SCS market entry implementations.

SCS Services:




SCS accredited experts have over 20 years experience in successful business set-up and China operations management.

Since 2000, Swiss Centers’ practical solutions supported the businesses of over 450 companies in China – both SMEs and large enterprises. Among them, the Swiss Centers together with its accredited service partners have established more than 100 companies in China, both B2B and B2C, production companies and offices, active in various fields.

Besides full concept implementation and project management, SCS Service Partners support SMEs in sourcing, market and competitor research, strategy-making and concept definition, top management search and selection, internal controlling and auditing.

As a result, they can research and present the most suitable concepts, ensure the assessment and hiring of staff fitting your company culture, manage the build-up of your operation and remain at your side, coaching your managers as needed. They are ready to control or even manage your operation or to step in to trouble-shoot and ensure interim management.

So far, over 100 key personnel have been searched, assessed and hired proficiently by SCS Service Partners.

b. References

Most SCS Members and clients are leaders in their own business field and niches. SCS has devised solutions to allow members and clients to establish and improve their business in China in order to meet effectively these new challenges and to maintain their leadership abroad.

In the process, SCS has gathered invaluable practical experience, be it in setting-up companies intending to sell, purchase or produce in China and Asia.

See case studies below for details on successful implementing China entries and operations (pdf documents):

Kuk (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Dolder (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Jesa (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
Jura Elektroapparate AG

c.Publication & Research

Specific Business Research for Swiss SMEs

SCS Publications and Research aims to collect all most useful resources relevant to the competitive business environment facing Swiss SMEs in China. Including researches carried out by SCS and Partners, to increase awareness on proper ways to do business in China and to help enhance corporate adjustments and strategic development on the Chinese market.

Key Publication

The most comprehensive China business guide of its kind, “Behind the China Kaleidoscope, a Guide to China Entry & Operations”, integrates the results of the first comprehensive Swiss China Survey, including first hand views and information by experts in many fields and intensive case studies of 11 Swiss SMEs successful in China today.
Under the mandate of Osec, the Swiss Center Shanghai and the Swiss-Chinese Chambers of Commerce in Switzerland and China and with strong support from various partners, CH-ina (Shanghai) Ltd. has conducted the Swiss China Survey on goals, experiences and difficulties of Swiss companies in China entry and operations. 107 entrepreneurs and managers participated in Switzerland and 111 in China.

For further information, check China-Guide-Behind-the-China-Kaleidoscope.pdf