Truly understanding China is definitely not easy. History, culture, language, business can be quite far away from what is usually perceived as “normal” in the West. Yet, experience shows that successful business is rarely built in China without strong support from the home operation. In most cases, it is essential for headquarter managers to acquire their own conviction and understanding of China’s value and potential.

Therefore, SCS organizes regular delegation visits to China for Swiss entrepreneurs aiming at increasing their understanding of China’s business environment.

These tailored visits include:

  • Business and cultural environment seminars
  • Meetings with the Consulate General, the local business community and Chambers Visits to potential customers, suppliers, competitors (subject to agenda)

To facilitate this understanding of China at senior management level, SCS organizes tailor-made visits, geared towards the specific areas of interest of the visiting group.

The delegation visit package often includes:

1. General Introduction

Outline of China’s development in the last 20 years
Outline of what to expect in China in the next 10 years
Key issues in China’s legal and business culture
Shanghai & Yangtze River Delta’s economic facts
Shanghai & Yangtze River Delta’s fast developing industries and opportunities
Specific aspects according to visitors’ interest and activities

2. Business Meetings

Personal contact with foreign managers, according to fields of interest
Personal contact with existing or potential clients, suppliers and/or competitors (subject to agenda)
Visit to the Swiss Consulate General and/or Presidents of the Swiss Club and/or the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

3. Shanghai City Tour and Surrounding Area

The Turn of the 19th Century English-built Bund
Pudong – Shanghai’s expanding Financial & Commercial District
Shanghai Urban Planning Model – an exhibition of Shanghai and its future
Visit to Suzhou or Hangzhou, provincial cities near Shanghai
Shanghai Museum and/or other cultural sites, entertainment, etc.