Marketing & Branding

SCS is not only a platform providing Swiss SME’s facilities, China experts and practical services to facilitate entry onto the Chinese market. It also creates visibility towards Chinese authorities, potential customers and suppliers.

With hands-on experience and activity in China, SCS has developed specific expertise in the production of communication material aimed at the different Chinese consumer groups.

SCS encourages the creation of cost-effective, customized solutions to improve marketing ROI towards definite Chinese focus groups.

Be it a company brochure or a product brochure design and/or print, SCS can help throughout the entire process. Providing corporate identity and graphics requirements, photographs and copy, SCS will ensure quality and timely production.

SCS Communication & Marketing services include:

  • Creation of suitable digital & print communication plans for Chinese focus groups
  • Layout and design adapted with Chinese know-how
  • Layout and design adapted to Chinese culture
  • Quality printing and reliable delivery

Added value and benefits:

  • Creation and distribution of digital and print communications materials
  • Effective targeting of Chinese customers, employees, suppliers
  • Brand consistency with China focus
  • Reduced production costs