2023 - Mar 08, 2023

Invitation – China in 2023: a “ new” normal? Impact and Outlook

Dear Members, Partners and Friends,

We are delighted to invite you to this event on 29th March 2023. Ever since 2020, each year was driven by short term changes and impacts creating extraordinary situations for China and those involved with the Middle Kingdom. 2023 could be the first year with more stable situation and therefore more predictable. 

Will the abrupt exit from Zero-Covid allow the economy to continue to restart in record time? How will the underlying issues of the demographics and the technology containment put in place by the USA affect the evolution of the Chinese economy in the coming months and years? Will China indeed deepen its partnership with Russia, as announced by the Foreign Minister at the end of last year, or will the Ukraine war impact the partnership intentions? How much will the geopolitics of East Asia and supply chain risks impact foreign companies’ business decisions in China?

This event is organized with the presence of the Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland, H. E. Wang Shihting and the Swiss Ambassador to China, H. E. Jürg Burri (online) shortly after the 14th National People’s Congress, a crucial meeting held every five years to renew China’s government, as well as announce important policies and objectives. This year’s renewal of the Chinese Government is crucial in the wake of the 20th CCP Party Congress. What is the economic impact given the profiles and experience of the new leaders in the Chinese Government.

In light of the latest information from China, with this event we intent to draw the perspectives that Swiss businesses can expect from China through the analyses of several well-informed experts, economists and industrialists.

The latest results of the 2023 Swiss Business in China Survey will be ready to be published and additionally provide the view from the subsidiaries of Swiss companies in China, closest to the business realities.

This half-day conference – co-organized by the Swiss Centers, the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), China Integrated, the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and economiesuisse – will provide Swiss companies the most updated information and knowledge needed to inform their strategy and successfully develop their business in a China going towards another chapter of its development.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the conference.


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