2013 - May 27, 2013

Swiss Business in China Survey

The results of the latest survey by the Swiss Center Shanghai (SCS), China Integrated and the China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) shows consistently that Swiss companies are doing particularly well in penetrating the Chinese market. The comprehensive and most answered survey to date combines 1369 responses including responses from Chinese as well as foreign companies in China. The survey indicates that Swiss companies’ profits in China increased almost 10% on average in 2012 and that the level of confidence for the current year rose compared to 2012. Furthermore, Swiss managers are more confident for their business in China than Chinese competitors and consequently over 60% of Swiss companies plan to increase their investment.

In home countries a strong misperception about corruption, rule of law and protection of intellectual property of foreign companies in China prevails. When asked if corruption is important in China a large majority (78%) of Swiss companies see it as “serious”, whereas when asked about corruption in their industry only 11% of Swiss companies say it is a serious problem. In addition, the survey shows that there is a growing perception gap between very positive managers on the ground and the Swiss headquarters.

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