2022 - Jun 20, 2022

Swiss Centers Spring Newsletter 2022

Dear Swiss Centers Members, Partners and Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you in good health and high spirits, despite the challenges you may have been facing due to the lock-down in Shanghai. Since late March, many of you including our own team in Shanghai have been working from home, while struggling to get supplies of food and life essentials, not to mention taking care of the health of family members especially those with little ones and seniors at home.

The impact on business has also been tremendous, from manufacturing to service companies: logistics were slow if not completely stuck, operations and projects were on hold, even the cross-border payments were delayed. Read here articles with interviews of our GM Mr. Kuno Gschwend, and testimonials of Swiss companies.

Throughout these difficult times, a positive learning is to realize how valuable it can be to have an efficient self-organized community. We are all inspired and touched by those volunteers who stood up to help, from organizing group orders to getting life-saving medicine and urgent care, from arranging deliveries to organizing a virtual birthday party to cheer up a lonely neighbor. At Swiss Centers, we share this spirit and endeavor to support our members and partners in finding solutions, being it to get the goods through the customs, or speeding-up a long-delayed international payment. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are encountering similar issues or having any other questions.

One this note, we warmly welcome the new member companies joining the Swiss Centers family in Spring 2022, namely Huss Park Attractions, TRB, Girod Instruments, and BN Nutrition, as well to Steinemann AG in renewing its membership. The growing cluster at Swiss centers is a confirmation of the interest in the Chinese market, and also a commitment and trust to our organization and our work. We thank all members and partners for the constant support and trust, and we continue to adapt our services to meet the demand and expectations.

Finally, with the number of cases reducing gradually, we hope to see very soon the end of the lock-down in Shanghai, and look forward to re-embracing the livelihood and dynamism of the great city! Among others, we will partner with Swiss Consul General to organize the “So-Swiss” Pop-up event, and organize the Swiss Booth at CIIE in November. Stay tuned! In the meantime, we wish you all remain “negative” in tests while keeping positive in spirit!




Swiss Centers


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